Ghetto Gaggers Bred On Juneteenth

Published on July 7, 2023 by admin

She was tethered and told to bark, and bark she did. She went down on her knees, allowing someone else to take control of her head like a melon with no top. She was an unrestrained slut that got all her face covered in muck while being double penetrated. She stuck her tongue into a man’s personal area and tossed some salad like an experienced bottom. She practiced ass-to-mouth as she kept barking. Soon enough, she was fucked and filled with cum, then had a speculum inserted in her open crevice and another shot fired into her pussy. After that, three heavy doses of semen were directed into her face, keeping her in a state of awe. Pop pop would be very proud of how far she’d come.

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Ghetto Gaggers

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